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First Published:  1984  (now in 24th year)
Two volumes a year published by the Community Council of Staffordshire
Edited by Dudley V Fowkes
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Hon. Treasurer: Bevan Craddock
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Contents of Issues 1 to 19 below.  (20-48 still to be listed)

Volume 1 -
James Bateman:  Plantsman and Garden Designer - Peter Hayden, Garden History Society
The Computer and Parish Records - David Butcher, Kings Bromley Historians
Barlaston Hall - Sophie Andreae, SAVE Britain's Heritage
A Soldier's Life - Margaret O'Sullivan
Longdon Village Exhibition - Maureen Piper
Farming and Land Ownership in Forsbrook in 1841 - Lynda Slaughter
Staffordshire Historic Buildings Trust completes its First Project - Cameron Hawke-Smith
Nonconformity in Gnosall - Rev. W E Blakeman
Local History Publications
Local History Calendar

Volume 2 -1985
Bygone Days - Mary Weate
The Fighting Dog - David Hancock
Stafford Castle Project - Hilary White
John Jervis - J E Simpson
Law and Order in Eccleshall's Past - Anne Jacques
Frank James of Walsall - B Williams and J van Leerzem
19th Century Enville - H J Haden
Blymhill Parish Apprentices - A E Owen
An Infamous Anson - M J Harley
Victoria County History of Staffordshire Vol. XX - Book Review by D B Robinson
Calendar of Events
Notes and Information Exchange

Volume 3 - 1985
Food for Thought - Naomi Bates
St. Lawrence's Church, Gnosall -
Revd. John Blakeman
Life Below Stairs - Kitty Fisher
Stafford Prison Chaplaincy - J A Standley
Uttoxeter Settlement Certificates - A W Bednall
The Store of Winshill - Janice Hansford
Erasmus Darwin - Dr. Ruth Vincent-Kemp
Notes - Coven 50 Years ago
- Alex Chatwin
Information Wanted

Volume 4 -1986
The Housekeeping Records of Elizabeth Jervis - Peter Hayden
Vernacular Staffordshire - Bob Meeson
The Archdiocese of Birmingham Historical Commission - Michael Hodgetts
Rocester Excavation Project, 1986 - I M Ferris
John Nash: Some New Light on Aqualate Hall - Nigel Temple
Sandwell Priory in its Medieval Landscape - Aalex Chatwin
Book Reviews

Volume 5 - 1987
What is Domesday Biook? - A R Rumble
Major General Thomas Harrison and the Fifth Monarchists -
B Capp
Sir William Brereton and the Parliamentary War Effort -
R N Dore
The Domesdale Castles of Staffordshire -
P Morgan
The Housekeeping Records of Elizabeth Jervis, part 2 -
Peter Hayden

Volume 6 - 1987
The Battle of Hopton Heath - John Sutton
The West Bromwich Theatre Royal 1875-1900 -
Terence Kilburn
A Note on the Early Wedgwood Burselem Estates -
Cameron Hawke-Smith
A 19th Century Sporting Enterprise: The Pains Lane Story -
John Holloway
Book Reviews

Volume 7 -1988
Note on ADD MSS 3911 in Cambridge University Library - Peter Wolley
The Select Vestry at Blymhill -
Ann M Owen
Investigating Postal History -
Christopher M Beaver
Subject and Author Index to Vols. 1-6

Volume 8 - 1988
Mohair and Silk Syers in 18th and Early 19th Century Leek - Alan Bednall
Old Theatre Days at Burton-on-Trent -
Geoffrey Sowerby
The Diary of John Plant of Hazzlewood 1849-1853 -
Ann Hind
John Robinson McClean C.B., F.A.S., F.G.S. -
B J Williams and J Van-Leerzem
The Wardle-Morris Connection
- Anne Jacques
Collections for a History of Staffordshire 4th Series Vol. XIII -
Review by David Robinson
Book Notes -
Dudley Fowkes

Volume 9 - 1989
The Staffordshire General Infirmary -
Cyril Williams
Hengler's Circus and Victorian Staffordshire -
Dr. John M Turner
The Building of the Bourne Methodist Chapel in Rocester -
Iain Ferris
Thomas Sidney (1805-1889) -
Anne Bayliss
Book Notes -
Dudley Fowkes

Volume 10 - 1989
The Caves and Chasm of Lud Church, Gradbach, Staffordshire -
T C Middleton
The Manor of Clifton Campville and Haunton, 1673-1685 -
J Needham
Provision for Schooling - Lapley and Wheaton Aston, 1703-1989 -
Mary Weate
Kings Bromley Historians - The First Ten Years -
David Butcher
Transformers, Market Stalls and Wellingtons -
Tony Hewitt
Book Notes

Volume 11 - 1990
The Staffordshire receiver's Account for Repairs to Stafford Castle for the Year 1441-3 by Joan Rogers
Thomas Holcroft by John Stringer
A Few of the Old Families of Lapley and Wheaton Aston by Mary Weate and Peter Lead
Book Review by Dudley Fowkes

Volume 12 - 1990
In Memory of St. Catherine and St. Clement : Some Variations on an Old Theme
by Jack Haden
The Account Ledgers of a Leek Silk Manufacturer : A Mystery Solved
by Alan Bednall
Codsall 1951 Revisited by Phil Clayton
Drinking, Gambling and Illegal Leisure Activities in Late Victorian West Bromwich by Terence Kilburn
Book Note
Cumulative Index to Staffordshire History Vols 1-12
Volume 13 - 1991
The Uttoxeter House of Correction 1627-1643 by A J Standley
The Rev. Thomas Loxdale 1675-1742
by Randle Knight
The Staffordshire General Infirmary by Cyril Williams (continued from Vol. 9)
Preview - A Social History of Yoxall in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Edited by Denis Stuart by Jane Hampartumian
Cumulative Index to Staffordshire History Vols. 1 - 12 (Amended Version)

Volume 14
- 1991
Tudor Stretton by Dudley Fowkes
The Buxtons of Ellastone - Victorian Migrants to New Zealand by Rupert Tipples
Old Theatre days at Burton-on-Trent, Part Two by Geoffrey Sowerby
A Commentary by H. Jack Haden on Aspects of the Black Country: Black Country Social and Economic History by C J L Elwell

Volume 15 - 1992
The Staffordshire House of Correction 1649-1793 (Part1) by A J Standley
Mid Nineteenth Century Brown Edge by the late Alan Pointon
Mary Howitt: Author, Translator and Poetess by Joy Dunicliff
The Burne Family Papers in the William Salt Library by Dudley Fowkes
Review of The History of Harborne Hall by Francis Wilmot

Volume 16 - 1992
The Life and Times of Sir William Bassett of Blore 1493-1553 by David and Martine T Swinscoe
Some Views on the Rural Staffordshire Priest as perceived from the evidence of Wills 1534-1650 by Peter Woolley
Church Briefs by John Blamire Brown
Brass Bands in Brown Edge by the late Alan Pointon
Review of
The Victoria History of the County of Stafford, Vol. XIV: Lichfield
Note on school records
"The Meet, Four Ashes" (postcard)
Note on new edition of David Horovitz's History of Brewood
Landor Society's Autumn 1992 programme

Volumes 17 and 18 - 1993
The Harrowby Family and the Villagers of Sandon by Andrew Gordon
Stafford Gaol and House of Correction 1783-1793 by A J Standley
The Timber Fellers of Wheaton Aston
by Mary Weate     

Volume 19
- 1994
The Timber Fellers of Wheaton Aston (concluded from Vol. 18) by Mary Weate
Stafford Gaol and House of Correction 1783-1793
by A J Standley
Shufflebothams: A Family Business in Victorian Cheadle by Margaret Johnson
Review by Dudley Fowkes of Smallwood Manor: the history of a Staffordshire estate by Sam Taylor
Cumulative Index Volumes 1-18


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