Robert Maddocks

Stafford, UK
Email:  history at penkridge dot org dot uk
Author of several books on the history of Penkridge, Robert has transcribed the Hatherton Journals and has just published a biography of the first Lord Hatherton. 

The book is entitled "The Littletons of Teddesley Hall - The Lives and Times of a Staffordshire Family 1740-1930".

He is also working with Bevan Craddock on a series of publications on different aspects of Penkridge's history over the last 100 years, and they have been gathering information from a large group of the elderly of Penkridge (The Penkridge Local History Group).  The first book "Who lived in Penkridge in 1901?" was sold out in a couple of weeks.  Others so far published are listed below. 

Robert has a very interesting website, mainly about Penkridge, which is at

The  Books so far published by Bob Maddocks, Philip Worsey-Gollings, and Great Marsh Publications are:

The Good Old Grit - A History of the People of Penkridge 1270-1939.
Penkridge: 1930 to 1970 - The Day Before Yesterday.
Who lived in Penkridge in 1901? - now out of print.
Shops, Businesses and Trades of Old Penkridge (2009)
A History of St. Michael's School, Penkridge 1536-1926 by Philip Gollings (2011)
A History of St. Michael's School, Penkridge 1927-1950 by Philip Gollings (2013)
Our Noble Selves - Pictures of Penkridge People 1960-1980. (2010)
Always on my Mind - Pictures of Penkridge People II. (2012)
Pictures of Penkridge People III  (2015)
Who Lived in Penkridge in 1911?  (2015)
Pictures of Penkridge People IV - (2016)

The above books can be purchased from GMP Publications, c/o 44 Haling Road, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5DA or by email     If you live in or near Penkridge, they can be bought from Sally's Hardware Shop, close to the White Hart in the centre of Penkridge.