Stafford, UK
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A long time resident of Penkridge and also the village's official "Town Crier" and "Webmaster", Bevan retired after many years working in community development in rural Staffordshire.   Besides local and family history he maintains a love for birds and all things natural.  Together with Dudley Fowkes, he has helped with publishing the journal "Staffordshire History" since its beginning in 1984.  He is still working on his "history of town crying in Staffordshire" and would welcome any titbits of information anyone comes across. 
Bevan and Penkridge Local Historian, Robert Maddocks, are working together on a series of books on different aspects of Penkridge's history over the last 100 years, and have been gathering information from a large group of the elderly of Penkridge who are regularly attending the Penkridge Local History Group.  The first publication "Who lived in Penkridge in 1901?" was sold out in a couple of weeks.  Since that one, Great Marsh Publications have published several other books and the latest is due to be published in January 2019.    Click HERE for more information,.

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